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There are always a lot of questions when it comes to fitness. Below are answers to some of the most common questions.

Who comes to bootcamp?

Bootcamp is for all levels of fitness from the advanced to the beginner and all ages from the young to the not so young. We design our sessions for different abilities and remember we all had to start somewhere. We have a great group on people who are friendly and encouraging and always work as a team

How do I book my first session?

Sessions are currently limited and as such must be booked ahead. To book online, you must first choose one of our pricing plans. You will then be able to book a session near you. 

What will happen on my first session?

Please arrive 10 minutes before the session to complete a simple registration form so that you can participate. Your instructor will ensure you are aware of how to perform each exercise, you don’t need any prior experience. You will meet lots of new people, have fun and feel great for training in the fresh air.

What should I wear?

Appropriate footwear that can be tied up (i.e. trainers), comfortable clothing for working out that you don’t mind getting muddy. In the winter months we recommend, extra layers, footwear that has good grip and will keep you stable. You may also consider hat and gloves when it’s extra cold. In the summer, lighter clothing so you don’t get too hot and footwear suitable for harder ground (running trainers are sufficient).

What should I bring?

Make sure you have a bottle of water for hydration. You may also want a towel or cover to protect your car from mud on the journey home.

 In what conditions do we train?

We train all year round in rain, sleet, snow and sun. Our van is fitted with floodlights, so dark evenings are no problem.

Will my valuables be safe?

During the session the instructor will keep all your valuables looked securely in the van.

Where and when are the sessions held?

We have a full list of our locations with postcode and maps, showing each session time for that site.

How much does it cost?

We have different prices to suit your requirements. However, would recommend our membership for value for money. This is £37 per month and works out at just £2.46 per session. Please see our plans and pricing for more details.

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